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Discover advanced waterproofing systems in Malaysia for ultimate protection against water damage. Our innovative products feature cutting-edge technology and high-performance resins to create a seamless barrier against leaks, moisture, and humidity. With superior durability and weather resistance, our waterproofing systems ensure long-lasting protection for a wide range of applications, from roofs and basements to bathrooms and balconies. Trust in our reliable solutions to safeguard your property and enjoy peace of mind, even in the face of heavy rains or extreme weather conditions.
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Product : Fiberglass Resin for Water proofing 
Optional color : Grey/Blue/Black
include of Acid 
10kg per packing drum
recommended ratio 1.0 kg resin : 10g of acid, 
1 pail of resin with 2-3 tea spoon of acid.

Question 1: Tools required for fiberglass resin ?
Answer 1: 1) Paint Brush, 2) 25L plastics pail for mixing 3) glove or thinner for cleaing 

Question 2: How to use a unsaturaded resin for water proofing ?
Answer 2: Mix the resin with Acid , if there is reinforced glass, apply the glass first, then let it dry

Warning : do not mix resin with water. it will spoil the entire pail of resin. 

Suitable to use onto Fiberglass Chopped Strand mat, Fiberglass Net or Fiberglass MAPETEX GRP 225 Emulsion E-Glass.
we provide color premix color resin
Remark : ** this product only for resin/ gum,  fiberglass not included.

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