High-performance waterproofing fiberglass Mesh 10kgs

Discover the power of high-performance waterproofing fiberglass mesh for superior reinforcement. Our fiberglass mesh is specifically designed to enhance the durability and effectiveness of waterproofing systems. With its exceptional strength and flexibility, it provides reliable reinforcement to prevent cracks and leaks in various applications, including roofs, walls, and foundations. The mesh is resistant to water, chemicals, and UV exposure, ensuring long-lasting protection against moisture intrusion. Easy to install and highly durable, our high-performance fiberglass mesh is the ideal solution to reinforce your waterproofing projects, providing peace of mind and safeguarding your structures from water damage.
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DENSITY : 300 grams per meter square ( 300.0 gsm or 300.0g/m2) 
BOND TYPE : Powder 
WEIGHT per packing : 10kgs
Size : 1860.0 milimeter x 18.0 meter
Total area per roll ( Coverage per roll)  : 33.0 meter square ( m2)

Chopped-Strand Fiberglass Mat for tensile reinforcement of liquid-Applied water proofing membrane system 
Chopped Strand Mat also known as CSM with can be used together with our formulated Unsaturated polyester Resin or fiberglass Gum
Remark : equivalent to mapetex grp 225 with better weight performance

Caution: When working with fiberglass, it's important to take precautions to protect yourself. Fiberglass may cause itchiness or skin irritation. We recommend wearing appropriate protective gear, including gloves, long sleeves, and a mask, to minimize direct contact with the fiberglass material. Additionally, ensure proper ventilation in the work area to minimize the inhalation of fiberglass particles. Your safety is our priority, so please take the necessary measures to protect yourself while using fiberglass products.

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