Mui Fatt catered three (03) categories of Sewage Treatment System. The choice between three (03) categories will depends on the types of development proposals, breakdown of calculation population equivalent (PE) and limitation of space/installation area.

“MF” P.E. Bio-Filter Septic Tanks are made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and used mainly for medium and low risk sewage up to capacity of 18 PE from residential and commercial buildings.

“MF” FRP Bio-Filter Septic Tanks is a modern, two compartment septic tank which made of Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) and used mainly for medium and low risk domestic sewage up to capacity of 30 PE from residential and commercial buildings.

“MF” FRP Mechanical Septic Tank – Small Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) is a specially designed wastewater treatment system based on the anaerobic septic tank treatment system, supplemented with aerobic up-chamber activated sludge treatment system. It is used mainly for domestic wastewater treatment from small scale development with capacity less than 150 PE.

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Common quotes on tender specification or equivalent specification


i) Supply and install

a. 149PE (from 41 up to 149) Small Sewerage Treatment System (SSTS) in position to specialist's details comprises of FRP primary settling tanks, FRP aeration/clarification tanks and all accessories

b. All necessary equipment including control panel, air blowers, VCP pipes, inspection chamber, transfer pipe, air diffuser and the like fittings for the jointing inter-tank equipment

c. All builder's work including construction of reinforced concrete base grade 30, reinforced concrete screen chamber and distribution chamber grade 30 in accordance to IWK's guidelines and approval

d. All necessary excavation and temporary shoring reinforcement, concrete, piping and fittings, electrical and sanitary fittings, testing and commissioning.

ii) Allow for CCTV inspection but not more than 15% of the whole sewerage system in the presence of IWK Officer including all necessary equipment, making good defect, re-test on completion and produce CCTV report/rectification report.

iii) Inspection of sewerage system by IWK inclusive of submission form PDC6, PDC7 and PDC8 until obtain "Surat Sokongan Kelayakan Menduduki" from IWK.

iv) Supply and install

a. 1.5m height security fencing consist of 150mm x 50mm hot dip galvanised wire mesh and fixed to 100mm diameter galvanised MS post at 2.4m spacing inclusive all bolt, nuts, u-clips, etc.

b. 200mm x 200mm x 400mm concrete footing Grade 20 including double swing gate overall size of 4m x 1.5m high comprises of 100mm x 100mm x 10mm thick MS angle frame and diagonal bracing with 3 Nos 300mm x 300mm x 6mm thick MS plates at centre. *All welded together and supported on 2 Nos 150mm diameter MS gate posts with 300mm x 300mm x 400mm concrete footing Grade 20 complete with hinges, barrel bolts, latch and pad lock with keys.

End of quotes”

  • Mui Fatt's Individual Septic Tank (IST) or Small Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) are equivalent to above specification. Kindly contact our sales representative or WhatsApp for Design, Catalogue or IWK submission documents
  • Air Blowers are within our supplies scope, but the Civil and Structure (C&S) work are fall into contractor and Mechanical & Engineer (M&E) work.
  • Transfer Pipe, VCP pipes, inspection chamber, air diffuser and like fittings for the jointing inter-tank equipment are all in one (combine) for Mui Fatt Fiberglass SSTS. Thus, there are no additional piping work. Additional to it, it save space (20-30% of space) equivalent to other brand in the market.
  • For additional details on IWK's Guidelines, kindly contact our technical person or make an appointment with our specialist to assist you further.
  • For more Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) approval, kindly contact our technical person or drop us an email.
  • Kindly contact us if there is further queries on installation of SSTS or IST

Mui Fatt menyediakan tiga (03) kategori Sistem Rawatan Kumbahan. Pemilihan antara tiga (03) kategori bergantung kepada jenis cadangan pembangunan, pecahan pengiraan purata keserataan penduduk (PE) dan had ruang/kawasan pemasangan.

Tangki Septik P.E. Bio-Filter “MF” diperbuat daripada Polietilena Ketumpatan Tinggi (HDPE) dan digunakan terutamanya untuk kumbahan berisiko sederhana dan rendah sehingga kapasiti 18 PE dari bangunan kediaman dan komersial.

Tangki Septik FRP Bio-Filter “MF” ialah tangki septik moden, terdiri daripada dua ruang dan diperbuat daripada Poliester Bertetulang Gentian Kaca (FRP). Ia digunakan untuk kumbahan domestik berisiko sederhana dan rendah sehingga kapasiti 30 PE dari bangunan kediaman dan komersial.

Tangki Septik Bermekanikal FRP “MF” – Loji Rawatan Kumbahan Berskala Kecil adalah sistem rawatan sisa kumbahan yang direka khas berdasarkan sistem rawatan tangki septik anaerobic dan dilengkapi dengan sistem rawatan enapcemar aktif secara aerobik di ruangan atas. Ia digunakan terutamanya untuk rawatan air sisa domestik daripada pembangunan berskala kecil dengan kapasiti kurang daripada 150 PE.

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