Mui Fatt’s  P.E. Tank is made from polyethylene plastics HDPE water tank are manufacture by rotomolding process. PE Tank is certified & complied to Product Certification by SIRIM (QAS) International in accordance with Malaysian Standard MS 1225-1:2014 Polyethylene (PE) Tanks for cold water storage and with SPAN certification. PE Tank are commonly use for water storing of domestic household; agriculture water farming or general water storing application. HDPE also can be use to storage low grade chemical solvent. Some other application of water tank are Rain Water Harvesting system. In comparison to other material of water tank, PE Tank are more light weight, rust free and safe for daily usage and much more cost effective solution. Please contact us for more products details.

Sistem bekalan Air untuk kegunnaan industri Perkhimatan Air Storage Cistern/ tank Polyethlyene (PE/HDPE) Water Tank MS 1225-1:2014 from with SPAN Approval. 
Poly Tangki Air kebanyakan digunakan di rumah untuk menyimpan air kegunaan harian di mana tangki air poly adalah kost effective and tdak karat serta ringgan untuk berbanding dengan tangki air besi.