Plastic Liner Round
Plastic Liner Round
Plastic Liner Round
Plastic Liner Round
Plastic Liner Round

Plastic Liner Round

To replace Alumium or Galvanise Iron Liner for dustbin;
plastics No rust / maintenance free
light weight easy to handle
come with bag holder to hold plastic bag
PE BIN LIner 1
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Mui Fatt produce Rotomold plastic inner bin to replace alumium or steel inner bin. Normal dustbin inner bin contain liquid and cause the inner bin to rust after 2-3 month. Mui Fatt plastics inner bin made from Polyethylene is a better solution which they are light weight and come in various sizes.we also accept any custom-made size to help client save cost on replacing Steel liner. Plastics liner also come in standard black or other color to client requirement. Bag holder inner bin or plastics liner enable clear easy clip plastic bag into the bin and remove plastics bag easily. Our plastic inner bin also proven to have no leakage to contain liquid base waste or food waste. For electronic waste, plastics is also not electric conducsive compare to steel. Contact us for more details.

Product Details : Plastics Inner Bin /Plastics LIner
Mateiral : Polyethlyene
Thickness : 2-3mm 
Color : black or other
SIze : 
1) 300mm diameter x 700mmH
2) 340mm diameter x 915mmH
3) 390mm diameter x 990mmH
4) 450mm diameter x 570mmH
5) 240mm Diameter x 570mmH
6) 200mm diameter x 600mmH
7) others 

optional accessories 
1) BAG HOLDER - to clip plastics bag
2) HANDLE SLOT - to remove inner bin

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