Fiberglass Composite Structural Profile (Pultrusion/FRP-GRP Sturctural Profile) for building & Cooling tower is a composite material which are light weight; rust-free; corrosion resistant and chemical compatible. (comply Fire Retardant/ Flame Resistant Standard to building standard are available upon request) Alternative material to replace steel structural shapes. FRP pultrusion similar to extruded aluminum & steel or Wood shape profile for wide range of marine and other application.

Komposite Gentian Kaca profil struktur / bentuk structure adalah ringgan berbanding dengan besi; tahan kakisan serta serasi dengan bahan kimia. Sesuai untuk menggantikan besi dan kayu untuk aplikasi lain seperti lokasi berhampiran laut di mana kakisan sering berlaku. Flame Retardant & Fire Resistant to standard bangunan composite material juga terdapat.
IB - 101.6 x 50.8 x 6.35
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Product Name : Fiberglass I Beam 
Model IB - 101.6 x 50.8 x 6.35
Size : 101.6mm H x 50.8mm W 
Size (Imperial-inch) : 4 inch x 2 inch
Thickness : 6.35mmT or 1/4"
Resin : Isophatalic 
Color : RAL 7035 Light Grey 
(product in Fire Resistent to ASTM E84 are available upon request ) 
(Special Color available upon request)

Application : Structural Support , Platform support, stairway or walkway for offshore or oil & gas application

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