FRP/GRP Sectional Panel Tank Refurbish & Maintenance

GRP FRP Sectional Panel Water Storage tank
GRP/FRP Panel Tank
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Maintenance  & refurbishment of existing GRP/FRP Sectional Panel Tank on site. If you found your Panel tank leaking and required us to do maintenance job, feel free to contact us to get consulatation or site visit. 
Call us for checking of Panel Tank leaking issue ; exchange of leaking crack panel or call us to get consultant on your sectional water storage tank. 
As per Malaysia Standard; Sectional Water Storage Tank come with 8 years outdoor & 10 years indoor warranty where tank refurbisbment is an option to ensure quality of water stored. 
F.R.P Panel Break Tank
F.R.P Suction Tank at basement or high rise 
F.R.P Roof Storage Tank 
F.R.P Rain Water Harvesting Tank ( RWHT ) - compliance to MBPJ 


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