FRP Ladder System

FRP Ladder System

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a) Corrosion Resistance – Stands up to harsh environment

b) Non-Conductive – Greatly reduces the risk of weather related incidents and shock hazard

c) High Strength – Strength to weight ratios that surpass equivalent steel products

d) Low Maintenance– Does not require a periodic maintenance program

e) Low Deformation – Returns to original position without any permanent deflection or distortion with allowable loads.

f) Lightweight – Extremely lightweight compared to its metal counter parts

g) Fire Retardant – In accordance with ASTM-E84

h) UV Inhibited – Contains an ultra violet inhibiting additive in resin and a protective veil

i) Handrail Easily Fabricated in the field – Use normal metal or wood working tools

j) Low Thermal Conductivity – Will not transfer heat or cold like metal products

k) Cost Effective – Extremely long life compared to metal counter parts

l) Non-Skid Surface – Epoxy surface encapsulating grit or glass beads

m) Non-interfering – Transparent to radio waves

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