FRP Fiberglass First Flush Tank 500 Liter

Fiberglass FRP First Flush Tank is an alternative to other plastics material tank that available in the market, such as Poly-propylene or acyrlic.Our MuiTank-FlushTank come with SIRIM Certificate for cold water storage. our design are seamless and water proof and more durable and less leaking problem. The tanks are also externally reinforced. Our tank are very suitable for Malaysia rain forest tropical area whereby it is suitable for water collection areas feeding into large size/capacity tanks (fiberglass or polyethylene). Our tank also come in variety of colors., call us to if you have a special size or volume or requirement. We are there to fabricate for you.

SIRIM Certificate is available for this product, you may have it download from the below.
mt flush 500L
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FRP Fiberglass First Flush Tank 500 Liter

For supply of First Flush Water Tank 
Brand : MuiTank-MuiFlush
Certificate : SIRIM - MuiTank
Volume : 500 Liter or 0.500 meter cube
Size : 790mm x 790mm x 790mmH
Overall size : 890mm x 890mm x 790mmH
Material : FRP 
Color : RAL 5000 Violet Blue or Standard Grey
Catalog : refer mui Tank catalog.
Features : externally Reinforced 
Features : Top cover bolts with HDG bolts & nuts & Sealant
equivalent to tender specs : 
quote : To supply, deliver, and install first flush diverter with flush volume 125L,diverter chamber made of PVC DN100 Pipe c/w fitting including tees, reducer, brackets, etc .end quotes 

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