FRP boardwalk Deck type C-Channel

Experience the epitome of sustainability with FRIM Fiberglass FRP boardwalks, meticulously crafted through the innovative pultrusion process. Tailored for Malaysia's forestry trails, our eco-friendly boardwalks ensure durability and reliability, guaranteeing a memorable journey amidst nature."
FRP Boardwalk
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FRP Board Walk 
FRP C-Channel : 6"x41mmHx 6mmT x 1200mm/Lenght or 6000mm/lenght
FRP C-Channel : 4"x41mmHx5mmT x 200mm/Lenght or 6000mm/lenght
Resin : Isophatlic Resin or GP resin 
process: Fiberglass Pultrusion Process
Color: RAL 8019 or Dark Brown

FRP pultrusion is very suitable for forest or rainforest environment. Wood are becoming more & more rare and expensives to get. 
Fiberglass Composite are the solution to it. chat with us for more details. 

Contact for more details on our FRP Boardwalk which many use in FRIM projects,
Kerja-Kearja membekal & memasang Solar Lamp Garden Post jenis UFO 200W 
Kerja-kerja membekal & memasang Forest SKywalk.

Contact us for more profile list available to replace your wood or steel sturcture

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